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2008 vs 2014. New Year’s traditions going strong. 


Painting the roses red.

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Meredith appreciation post


dancing is my favourite thing, ever. we’re going to be the best of friends and i am very excited about it cause i enjoy you and your music a lot.

I am not a good dancer but I think that you could give me some pointers. Yes, best friends that have cat hangs. I love you and all of the Little Mix girls honestly. This might be the new greatest day of my life. 

I have a feeling that if Perrie’s cat and my cat become friends they could dominate the world from cuteness alone. Beware world. 

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pezzdispensers said: UM YES! i’m thinking a complete girls night including our cats.

I am so excited. This sounds like a perfect plan!


Yes I do, at least I think I can. We can be friends as long as we can bring our cats out in playdates.

Cat playdates are a thing! Hello, new friend!

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downtown-grabby said: I don’t really like cats, but I love this cat.

That’s because you have amazing taste!